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The Guilds
Game News
Welcome to the homepage of the alliance of Shadows! We are a community of 6 guilds all working together for the same goals. We look out for each and every member we have. We utilize Team Speak for our voice server and we have weekly contests varying from PK tournements and Contribution as well as much more! We thrive on each others activity and work together ine verything we do. We are online 24/7 and always have someone willing to help you learn and move forward in your journey. If you have questions or would like to be apart of our community please PM Essayon, XxMischiefxX or SnowTemptress.
Guild News

List of the Leadership!

Essayon440, Jan 29, 12 8:27 PM.
Name               Rank                 Current Station
Essayon            Alliance Leader   Warlords
NcNRabbit         Vice Leader        Warlords
CoyoteUgly        Vice Leader        Warlords
xBENDERx         Vice Leader        Valiant
Morninglord       Vice Leader        Valiant
mahoooeee        Vice Leader        Warlords
Navarial             Vice Leader        Onibaku
Metalicana          Vice Leader       Onibaku
    (Pending Changes)

Please PM The Vice Leadership first for any community related issues! If Vice Leadership cannot take care of the issue feel free to PM Essayon 

Guild Event Schedule!

Essayon440, Jan 29, 12 12:30 AM.
Exorcism-  Warlords Sunday 1900 and Monday 1900 (Pending Changes)
                Onibaku Thursday 2200 and Friday 2200 (Pending Changes)
                Valiant Tuesday 1600 and Wednesday 1600 (Pending Changes)
                Noblesse Saturday 1000 and Sunday 1000 (Pending Changes)
Camp Fire- Everday  Warlords 1830 (Pending Changes)
                              Onibaku  2130 (Pending Changes)
                              Valiant    1530 (Pending Changes) 
                              Noblesse 1800 (Pending Changes)

Alliance/Guild Rules!

Essayon440, Nov 7, 11 4:32 PM.
We have very simple rules...

All guilds must follow this!

---Player Kills---

Realms 2-10 no killing trade runners or alliance members!
Trade Realm is free game for anyone and anything!
(you came to trade realm to PK or buy stuff)

---Guild Requirements---
#1 ZERO tolerance for shyt talk and drama in world chat or anywhere! (Automatic kick!)
#2 We do not RPK! (Non-KOSed are not to be PKed) Non-guilded players are FFA on all realms
#3 No GTR's Required (But you can do them its good for extra gold)
#4 Realm (9) is our home realm! (pls be on it so its easier to help you)
#5 Follow the chain of command (If we dont then thier is no order and we break down)
#6 30 Contribution a week is required! (Construction Quests/Castle Warden Quests is the best way)
#7 No under any circumstance will we PK our own guildies! (Automatic Kick from the guild)

We have very simple and clear rules and not many to follow, please if you have any questions feel free to ask leaderhsip! Breaking of the community rules are deemed as a (I dont care about anyone but myself) statement and can get u kicked from the community! I do not like kicking people so please dont make me do it!

Weekly Contests!!

Essayon440, Nov 7, 11 3:54 PM.
--Thursday between 10:00-11:00 and 20:00-21:00 server time--
Contribution contest will take place and all players lvl 20+ will have a chance to participate, this contest is based on your level of activity. Players will recieve rewards on a 3 tier winning system. rank 1 winner recieves a Gem, rank 2 recieves gold, rank 3 recieves an item! (reward will be given on Friday evening). Players who want to participate will need to sign up for it on wednesday in order to be recorded, please refer to any leadership member for information!

--Tuesday all day long--
Player Kill contest will take place and all players lvl 30+ may participate. Players over level 60 must take 2 players lvl 50 and below in a party while PKing. Full parties of 6 players preferred. Players will recieve a reward based on a 3 tier winning system, rank 1 winner recieves a Gem, rank 2 winner recieves gold reward, rank 3 winner recieves a item!
(In order to recieve reward you must send a screen shot clearly showing your PK points to Essayon)

--All weekend--
Recruitment contest!  Players have a chance to receive gold or gem rewards for how many players they recruit every weekend and you are rewarded on a 3 tier winning system! players must sign up for this Thursday in order to be counted for rewards! rewards are based on how many players are recruited by one player, what their levels are and if they stay longer then a week in any of the guilds in the alliance. (Rewards will be given out the next weekend)

--All Week Long--
Mentorships and new player assistance! Find yourself a Mentor or a Mentoree from within the alliance! Every Friday we will have a competition of whos Mentoree knows the most about the game!  I will have a test and the winners of that test will recieve a Gem! You high level players should take advantage of this! lvl 50+ can be a Mentor! (Mentor and Apprentices of winning team will all recieve a Gem!)

We will update winners for all contests weekly on the alliance website for every contest! (Updated every Sunday!)

Good Luck and Have Fun guys and gals!!
Alliance Leader,

Alliance Info

Essayon440, Nov 7, 11 3:19 PM.
Our current guilds in the alliance that are active are Warlords and Shadows, Warlords is looking for all classes level 50+ and Shadows is open to any level and any class!
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Recruiting All info about what you recieve coming to our community is there! for further information pls contact a member of leadership
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